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Tsum Valley Health Camps, Nepal 

The Tsum Valley collaborative medical clinics are held in villages that lie at 5000 to 11000 feet altitude, using multi-disciplinary healthcare approaches and a strong focus on health education and disease prevention.

2016 Tsum Valley Medical Mission: Review

The 2016 Tsum Valley Medical Mission took place in April, providing much needed medical care and health education to remote villages in the Tsum Valley, Nepal. Our contingent of 16 medical providers, and an additional 25 support staff including trekking guides, Tibetan dialect translators, porters, cooks, and triage aids, trekked over 200km through the remote Himalaya. Over 600 patients were treated at temporary clinics set up in the Lower Tsum, and at the recently established Compassion Clinic at Lamagaun in the Upper Tsum, near the Tibetan border.  



                                                          Tsum Valley Medical Team at Arughat, April 2016

The international medical team consisted of doctors, optometrists, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, an osteopath, physician's assistant, and nurse practitioners from Australia, USA, Canada, Belgium and Nepal. 

About the Tsum Valley:
The Tsum Valley in Ghorka is home to 3500 Tibetan Buddhists who call themselves Tsumbas, and was only opened up to foreigners in 2008. Due to its remote location in the Himalayan enclaves, the Tsumbas have multiple barriers to accessing and receiving medical care. Being close to the epicentre of the Ghorka earthquake in 2015, extensive damage occurred to houses and other infrastructure. Though casualty figures are low, there has been a marked physical and psychological impact on the Tsumba people. As one of the most remote and isolated regions in the world, the Tsum Valley is only accessible by foot or helicopter.  


EAWM would like to thank our past sponsors for medical supplies donated to the completed 2016 Tsum Valley Medical Mission.